Question 1 which of the following is an example of how the right to vote expanded in the 1820's? - women got the right to vote -Native Americans were given the right to vote compensate for land for them -white men who did not own land could vote -freed slaves could vote Question 2 what was the main objection that people had to John Quincy Adam's election by the house of representatives? -William Crawford won the popular vote,so people felt that the house of representatives had disregarded the will of the people. -John Quincy Adams believed in a strong federal government, so many people objected to having serve as a president. -Andrew Jackson was a military hero who many people wanted the house of representatives to honor by electing him president. -John Quincy Adams later appointed Henry Clay as secretary of state, so people felt there had been some " corrupt bargain" made between them

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women give the right to vote

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