Research and find one major primary document from the Civil War. Either copy and paste into a document from the internet, or scan or photocopy it if you are using a source other than the internet. Then write a short essay that includes the document title, when it was written, who created it, and its purpose. Remember your earlier lessons, and tell why this is a primary document. Then, tell why this document was important for the time, and why it is still important to us today.

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 A primary document is something written by a participant or contemporary observer. For example you could look at documents, accounts of battles, memoirs of soldiers/politicians, a newspaper article from the era etc.  A secondary source would be someone writing about the Civil War after the event not having participated or witnessed anything.  This was delivered in March 1865 just after he was sworn in - it recaps the reasons why the Union went to war and recommends finishing the job off (the CW had a few weeks still to run at that point, although most people by then knew it was a matter of time, exactly when was still in doubt). It also follows up on the Gettysburg Address of November 1863 where Lincoln recast the CW as a fight to free the slaves and bring about the original concept outlined by the Founding Fathers of freedom and equality. i cant give you a link becuz brainly blocks it. Sorry, but i would if i could!

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