Rico is making4 batches of mexican rice. each batch needs 2/3cup of corn. He only has a1/3-cup measure.How manytimes must Rico measure 1/3cup of corn to have enough fr all ofMexican rice?

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If each batch needs 2/3 cups of corn and he only has only 1/3 cup measure, 1/3 + 1/3 = 2/3. Fraction addition and all that, adding the top numbers but not the bottom. So you need 2 "1/3" measures to make a 2/3 cup of corn. You need 4 sets of this 2/3 cup measure, so multiply: 2 (the number of measures per batch) and 4 (the number of batches). That's the long explanation for the short answer: 8. Hope that helped!~

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