Solve the compound inequality n-4 > 5 AND 2 > n + 3

(1) Answers

Get n by itself in both inequalities (This program doesn't allow for regular less than or greater than signs, so for the purposes of this problem I will be using less than or equal to (≤) and greater than or equal to (≥) signs) Inequality 1: [latex]n-4 \geq 5 \\ n \geq 9[/latex] Inequality 2: [latex]2 \geq n+3 \\ -1 \geq n[/latex] Now that you have both of the n's by themselves, you can put the two inequalities together, like this [latex] -1 \geq n \geq 9[/latex] Just keep in mind that these are supposed to be regular less than signs

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