The area of a circle is found with the formula A= where 3.14 represents 3.14. If a tile artist is laying down tiles in a circular mosaic pattern and the area of the circle is 706.5 square feet, what is the radius of the circle in feet? A. 11 B. 13 C. 15 D. 17

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I think you meant to write that the Area is equal to πr^2 (A = πr^2). and that π = 3.14. You just have to plug in the amounts given in the equation then and solve: A = πr^2  706.5 ft^2 = 3.14(r)^2  Divide both sides by 3.14: 225 ft^2 = r^2  Now take the square root of both sides: 15 ft = r The radius is 15 feet.

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