The development of the railroads during the 1800s dramatically changed life for all in America. In which of the following ways did the railroads impact the lives of European immigrants?

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European immagrants mostly the Chinese went to work on the railroads. It was a hard and dangerous job as some usually died trying to mine and for all their effort they got little pay.


The Europeans had dreams of leaving crowded cities in Europe and here in America. They wanted their own land. When the railroad opened up ways to get to the west and free land was promised, many of these people left large cities with whole communities of on nationality. The Russians had come to America to produce red wheat, a hearty wheat that could with stand the harsh winters on the plains. Other nationalities did the same. Once the railroad was in, there was a way for immigrants to move in, grow crops and have a way to transport them. The work ethic of the Chinese was noticed by owners of the Central Pacific Railroad. Over 10,000 Chinese accepted and worked some of the most dangerous and hard jobs dealing with the construction of the Central Pacific.  The Irish had a good work ethic also and were hired by Union Pacific after the Civil War to built from the Atlantic coast outward. Many Mormons from overseas worked on the railroad so it would be vital transportation to Salt Lake City where they wanted to go live.

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