The oil company removed 5,421 liters of gas from a tank that contained 5,855 liters.   How many milliliters of gas are left in the tank?   mL

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Liters of gas before they removed some gas = 5,855 Liters of gas AFTER they removed some gas = 5,421 To find how much liters of gas are left, 5,855 - 5,421 = the amount of liters left in the tank The number of liters left in the tank is 434 Liters. Oh oh! WAIT! Not done yet! The question asked for MELLILETERS, But we only have liters. Let's convert it! 1 Liter = 1000 ml 434 liters = 1000 × 434                  = 434000 ml. So, the answer to your question is 434000 ml. I hope this helps! ☺


If u are using subtraction the answer will be 434

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