What is 3 3/8 X 4 1/3 express answer in simplest form thanks in advance

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So First, We Need To Convert THem To Improper Fractions. 3 And 3/8 Becomes 27/8 And 4 And 1/3 Becomes 13/3. Now, We Just Multiply. 27*13 =351 And 3*8 = 24. This Means The Fraction Is 351/24.


Simple.... so you have... [latex]3 \frac{3}{8} *4 \frac{1}{3} [/latex] To change these fractions into improper fractions to be able to multiply...first.. Multiply the whole number*denominator.. then, add the number you got+the numerator... and use the original the denominator... 3*8=24 24+3=27 [latex] \frac{27}{8} [/latex] and... 4*3=12 12+1=13 [latex] \frac{13}{3} [/latex] Now, you can multiply... [latex] \frac{27}{8} * \frac{13}{3} [/latex] 27*13=351 and 8*3=24 Thus, [latex] \frac{351}{24} [/latex] It can be converted to decimal form... 14.625 Or, mixed number form... [latex]14 \frac{5}{8} [/latex]

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