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Weird way to write it but alright! (Sideways)  19pq^-2 x 5pq^6 = ? These problems are pretty much single operations between each of the variables / constants.  So it's like this:  (19*5)(p*p)(q^-2*q^6) = ? 19*5 is 95. For p*p remember that when two variables multiply there given powers add. In the case where the powers are not shown (like in the case of p*p) they are always assumed to be 1. So what is 1+1? 2.  p*p is p^2 For q^-2*q^6 it is the same deal with the previous problem. So now the problem looks like this:  -2 + 6 = 4  (The two is negative, because the power is negative 2)  So, q^4.  Our final answer is all of the combined.... like a so:  95p^2q^4

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