What is the difference between ending the slave trade and ending slavery?

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Ending the slave trade stops the distrbution of slaves and the ending slaver just means they cant be treated diffrently just becuase they are black


Hello!  So, to answer your question, it basically boils down to your knowledge of what the slave trade actually was, and how it related to slavery.  The end of both was cause for celebration, one just a teensy bit more than the other.  The ending of slavery pulled the plug on legally owning any person of color, and that meant you could no longer have any workers who weren't paid at least something.  The slave trade was, as the name suggests it, a place where slaves were traded.  They were treated as animals, and it wasn't justice.  So, after I discussed what each was, touching upon it lightly, the question is where do you see a difference?  Do you see a difference?  Is there a difference is what I've explained, and if there is, so what do you feel like you've learned about yourself as a person and your own sense of justice and injustice? I hoped this helped, if you have any questions or concerns, just let me know, or shoot me a message or question.  Good luck :)

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