what is the measure of the third angle if one angle measures 25 degrees and the second angle measures 50 degrees

(2) Answers

The measure of the third angle would be 105 degrees. All the angles in a triangle will add up to 180 degrees.  In order to fins the third angle, you will add the angles given to you together. 25+50=75 After this, you will subtract the number you get from 180 and get the third angle 180-75=105 degrees


Hi There! In a triangle, all angles must equal to 180 degrees, so basically now you have to add 50+25, the first angle and the second angle. You should get 75, now since all angles must equal to 180 degrees you have to subtract 180-75=  you're answer should be 105. Steps 1. 50 + 25 2. 180-75=105 Answer- 105

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