What roles does progesterone play in the feedback mechanism?

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Progesterone is a hormone that is being released from the ovaries of a female, primarily by the luteinizing follicles. Progesterone level increases during ovulation and peak within five to seven day post-ovulation.When the progesterone makes a migration of blood vessel into the follicle wall, it causes swelling which can be a characteristic of inflammation, in which is a positive feedback mechanism.


Progesterone play is an example of negative feedback mechanism. In negative feedback mechanisms, the rate of the processes decreases as the amount of products increases. Progesterone is secreted in an ovary. Increased progesterone level affects hypothalamus and increases body temperature. As a result, LH and FSH levels are decreased. If conception does not occur, FSH level will increase and progesterone level will decrease, which causes menstruation. So, increased progesterone level, decreases the level of LH and FSH according to the negative feedback mechanism.

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