What si the answer to this? I'm bad at graphs sorry :). Btw it's number 22

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If It is in fact (b), then it's 90 degrees


a) To find amount collected in each category - you must understand that the numbers inside the circle represent an angle (in units of degrees).  Since we know a circle is composed of 360 degrees, we know each other portions as a ratio of that full circle for simplicity sake, i will use "d" to represent "degrees" Shirts = (140d)/(360d)*($7200) = $2800 Pants = (80d)/(360d)*($7200) = $1600 Other = (75d)/(360d)*($7200) = $1500 Shoes = (360d - 140d - 80d - 75d)/(360d)*($7200) = $1300 Total = $7200 [OK] b) Knowing long sleeve shirts are to be 1/4 of the shirts sales, find the angle which represents in on the pie graph: angle (long sleeve shirts) = 1/4*(140d) = 35d c)  Assuming ratios to maintain over the next $900 of sales Pant sales (in the next $900 of total sales) = ($900)*(80d/360) = $200 hope that helps

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