Social Studies

What was Cleopatra's important accomplishments?

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Cleopatra was extremely smart and knew how to speak Egyptian. She was the only Pharaoh form Macedonia who spoke Egyptian. She knew seven languages.  She minted some coins with her effigy alone. (In order to do that, since she was a woman and normally would be represented with a male consort).  She made herself be proclaimed the new Isis. As a goddess, she had her own coins. She ruled mostly alone, but legally with a consort: her two brothers she had to marry, then her son with Caesar. She managed to keep the country together and in good shape, despite the crises it had gone through before her.  She was not very pretty, but her charm was, as we know it, very strong.  (It allowed her to make an alliance with Julius Caesar, and then with Marc Anthony). She was educated and loved to read. She was shrewd.

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