Which of the following terms are like terms?  a) 9x and 9y b)12ac^2 and ac^2 c)8xy and 8xz d)ab^2 and x^2y

(2) Answers

Like terms means terms that have the same variable (and with the same exponent).  A) 9x and 9y <-- those are different variables. This is incorrect. B) 12ac^2 and ac^2 <-- those are the same variables and same exponent. Correct. C) 8xy and 8xz <-- different variables, incorrect. D) ab^2 and x^2y <-- different variables, incorrect. Correct answer is [latex]\fbox {B)}[/latex]


Like terms are terms that have the same variables and also have the same exponents on those variables. Out of all your choices, answer choice B) 12ac^2 and ac^2 fits that definition. B is your answer.

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