Which statement from City contains an opinion? A."The need for [this kind of city planning] today is greater than ever." B."To ensure their hold over [the lands they had conquered] the Roman soldiers built permanent military camps." C."The planners allotted adequate space for houses, shops, squares, and temples." D."By 200 B.C. soldiers of the Roman Republic had conquered all of Italy except the Alps."

(2) Answers

We can conclude which sentence contains an opinion by ruling out all the sentences that are just facts.  An opinion is ones specific view on a certain topic.  Looking at our sentences we can conclude that D, and B are facts. They are things that happened in the past. Facts cannot be altered as opinions can.  C, is a statement also stating what the planners did. This was their action and cannot be altered.  Sentence A, is not a fact but a view on what city planning should look like today, therefore making it an opinion. So we can conclude that our correct answer is option A. Hope this helped! If you have any other questions or would like further explanation just let me know! :)


Hey there The correct answer is sentence A, because it is not a fact but a look on what the city is planning, therefore making it an opinion. 

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