why are regions important

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Regions are important because they are widely used among the branches of geography


Hello My Friend! The development of our history is very dependent on the local conditions.  In the north, more mountainous with abundant streams, agriculture was difficult as was travel.  Farms were usually small and owned by each family, and industry could use the waterwheel as power sources, thus the north was more industrialized with water power, and all people were more equal than in the South.  In the South, wide and flat with lots of good farmland, rich families came to own huge plantations which required lots of labor to work them.  Without water power, they needed manpower, and so slavery thrived here, creating very different classes of people. More differences developed than these, but the existence of slavery was the big one.  While the average poor factory worker wasn't treated a lot better than most slaves, they were at least free to leave and try a life elsewhere, forcing the factories to at least treat them well enough to keep them there.  The strong religious beliefs of the original Puritans up north also played a part in ending slavery there.  Eventually the two cultures couldn't coexist and war was fought over the existence of slavery in America, severely dropping the population of the north, but totally devastating the South in every way.  Very important in our history, and lots of effects still found today. So In Short, Regions are now recognized as the most important economic geographies in global economy because they provide the scale that drives innovation. I Hope my answer has come to your Help. Thank you for posting your question here in [latex]Brainly.[/latex] We hope to answer more of your questions and inquiries soon. Have a nice day ahead! :) [latex](Ps. Mark As Brainliest IF Helped!) -TheOneAboveAll :D[/latex]

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