Why is the Enlightenment considered a turning point in world history? (1) The factory system was used to mass-produce goods. (2) Martin Luther broke away from the Roman Catholic Church. (3) Europeans changed their thinking about the role of government. (4) The Columbian exchange occurred.

(1) Answers

3. Europeans changed their thinking about the role of government The Age of Enlightenment or also called, Age of Reason or Enlightenment that began around 1620s to about 1780s. In this era of enlightenment, the people used reason, logic and individualism to reform the societal foundations and government. Many things happened during the enlightenment period but the choice is the best according to the responder than the rest of the given. This occurence involved and included the people, philosophers, government officials setting towards a more foundation analysis based on thought and intention rather than plain order and traditional authority.

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