Why was the Albany convention held?

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There was one Federal Convention (or Constitutional Convention) in Philadelphia from May to September 1787. From there, 9 states had to ratify it in state conventions for it to be the new government. This occurred on June 21st when New Hampshire ratified.


The Albany Convention was an independent governing body led by local civil and military officials centred on Albany, New York during Leisler's Rebellion.When news of the Glorious Revolution reached the Province of New York in 1689, Jacob Leisler led a rebellion in which he appointed himself ruler of the Province of New York. Albany was the only centre which resisted Leisler's claims to leadership. Under the leadership of Peter Schuyler and Robert Livingston the Albany Convention was formed which remained loyal to William and Mary. Leisler's year-long attempt to subdue the Albany Convention led to a number of military engagements.

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