You are on an alien planet where the names for substances and the units of measures are very unfamiliar. Nonetheless, you obtain 29 quibs of a substance called skvarnick. You can trade this skvarnick for gold coins, but the vendors all measure skvarnick in units of sleps; not quibs. 10 quibs is equal to 4 sleps. If you have 29 quibs of skvarnick, how many sleps do you have? Round your answer to the nearest tenth (one decimal place).

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so a quib seems to be a unit of measure and we have another unit called sleps so sleps:quibs is some ratio oh nice, 10quibs:4sleps yo have 29 quibs easy 29quibs:?sleps=10quibs:4sleps ratio and proportion 29/?=10/4 times both sides by 4? (4)(29)=10? 116=10? divide both sides by 10 11.6=? you have 1 11.6 sleps anohter way 10quibs=4sleps divide by 10 both sides 1quib=4/10 sleps=2/5 sleps times 29 both sides 29 quibs=(29*2)/5=58/5=11.6 sleps yo has 11.6 sleps

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