You are on roller blades on top of a small hill. Your potential energy is equal to 1,000.0 joules. The last time you checked your mass was 60.0 kilograms. a. What is your weight in newtons? b. What is the height of the hill? c. If you start skating down this hill, your potential energy will be converted to kinetic energy. At the bottom of the hill, your kinetic energy will be equal to your potential energy at the top. What will be your speed at the bottom of the hill?

(1) Answers

a)weight = mg = 60.0 kg x 9.81 m/s^2 = 588.6 N b) Potential energy = mgh, height of the hill = Potential energy/mg = 1000.0/(60x9.81) = 1.70 m.  c) Kinetic energy = 1/2(mv^2), Implies v = sqrt(2 x (kinetic energy/m)) where kinetic energy at bottom of hill = potential energy at top of hill = 1000 J. Hence v = sqrt( 0.5 (1000/60)) = 2.89 m/s

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