20 oraciones en inglés de voz activa a voz pasiva?

(1) Respuestas

1. The book was placed on the table. 2. The book was returned to its shelf. 3. The notebooks were stacked into a pile. 4. The pile was knocked over. 5. Many sweaters were stained. 6. The sweater was left on the bench. 7. The benches were cleaned this morning. 8. The copies of the letter were sent to the office. 9. The milk was poured into the cup. 10. Two spoonfuls of salt were added to the ice. 11. The small bag was placed inside the large bag. 12. The bags were shaken. 13. The ice cream was placed on a bowl. 14. Fruit was added to the ice cream. 15. Milk was poured on top of the cereal. 16. The soup was stirred with a spoon. 17. Three rocks were placed into the pot. 18. Various vegetables were cut into pieces. 19. Dinner was served at 10 o'clock. 20. Five different meals were offered.

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