25 preguntas en ingles

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1. Do you want to play? 2. How much money do you have? 3. How many eggs does she need? 4. What is your name? 5. Where do you live? 6. When is your birthday? 7. Who is he? 8. Which is your favorite color? 9. Should you go to the bathroom before go to sleep? 10. How are you? 11. Did she clean the house? 12. Why do you think that? 13. Are you fine? 16. Is she alive? 17. Must i cook tomorrow? 18. Do you need to sleep? 19. Where do I work? 20. When are you going to do pizza? 21. Can you fly? 22. Can't she play? 23. Was she who cook this? 24. Were you who help her? 25. How old are you? Espero te sirva!! como no especificaste como querías las preguntas: con Wh questions, con can or can't, should or must... te las puse todas ahí, ligadas :v

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