30 preguntas con respuesta positiva y negativa con el tiempo pasado did

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Questions and answers What is theater ? It is a place where we can see plays What color they painted the hospital? Blue and green What time is your pleasure ? At half past two Whose is this book ? It is Juan Carlos Can I borrow your car? If I lend my car How 's your mom? The name of my mother is Elizabeth Who is this computer? That 's my brother's computer Can I borrow your pen ? If I lend the pen How is called Grandpa? My grandfather's name Alberto What do you call this club ? Girls called friends Where is your school? Remains in the popular neighborhood Are we ordered a pizza at home ? It's okay Let us ask Want to adopt a child? I do not want to adopt a child What time is it? They are the four p.m. What's your name? My name Juan Antonio Where do you do your homework ? I do my homework in my room. Would you like to help you do your homework? It is well help me to do my homework Are you going too often to the house of your father ? No, I'm not as often


1.- He did not close the window.(El no cerró la ventana) 2.- They didn't lose the keys.(Ellos no perdieron las llaves) 3.- Alice did not brush her teeth(Alicia no cepilló sus dientes) 4.- Mike didn't drink all the juice.(Miguel no bebió todo el jugo) 5.- Sam and Ernest didn't watch that movie.(Sam y Ernesto no vieron esa película) 6.- Our team didn't win the competition.(Nuestro equipo no ganó la competencia)

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