30 preguntas con respuestas positiva y negativa tiempo pasado

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DID YOU PLAY WHIT ME DID YOU STUDY FOR THE QUIZ DID YOU chase the dog did you eat fried chicken did you call her did you wait for me did you remember my wife did you visit your grandparents did you rest after train did you train for the game did you practice english did you hit your friend did we like carrots did she learn other language did they maka a cupcake did she be in the party did you take my homework did he copy in the test did he watch tv did she use the computer did he take the umbrella did you play hide and seek did you sleep at 9:30 did you finish your homework did he born in november did you buy the new galaxy s5 did he grow faster than she did they go to the concert did we play basquetball los pronombres los puedes cambiar

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