un ensayo  sobre el medio ambiente porfa

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nvironment It is understood by Environment To the environment that affects and conditions especially the life circumstances of the people the society as a whole; Understanding natural names, social and cultural things in a place and at a given moment that influence the life of the human being and the generations to come; That is to say, it was not treated of the space in which life develops but also encompasses living things, objects, water, soil, aerated relations between them. The word Medium Proceed to medium Comes from Latin Ambiens-ambientis And state Ambere Surround To be on both sides The expression Environment It could be considered as a set of elements of such spelling have an acceptance according to the acceptance they have when meeting. However, both words separately have other possibilities and are the context that allows their comprehension. For example, other meanings of the environment indicate a society's Popular environment OR Theatrical environment ; Or an attitude like Have a good atmosphere with friends . Although the term "environment" is still very small, the first word "medium" is often pronounced, so that both words are pronounced as a single compound word. For this reason, the Pan-European dictionary of doubts of the Real Academia Española Environment Now, taking into account the damage caused by our environment, in one way or another we contribute to it; Garbage, plastic waste paper, pesticides and fertilizers in crops, detergents and waste collected by the sewer system and pollutants contaminate the soil; Batteries contain metals

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