Una conversacion (UN POCO LARGA) en ingles usando futuro going to.

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Hello Cathy!!  -Hi!!How are you?  -Fine,thanks,what about you?  -I am so good...Today I am going to the circus!!The clowns,the elephants...can you imagine how exciting will it be?  - Unfortunately,I can imagine it since i am not going, because i am punished.  - What a pity!!What happened?  -My father caught me when i was going to leave home to buy him his birthday present and he thought that i was going out with my friends,instead of studying and without asking for permission!!  -Oh my god,what an unfortunate event!!Have you tried to tell him what you were going to do?  -I haven´t because he is so angry at me that he doesn´t speak to me anymore.But i think i should do it.I am going home and i am going to explain him what happened.  -I am sure he is going to be so proud of you that he will let you come.OK see you!  -Bye! te amo bb ayudame mi casit yy ssii plsv bb

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