una descripcion de mi habitacion en ingles

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My bedroom is comfortable place to take a rest. It is a good place for relax and sleep in the night. I can do everything that I want in my room. In the right side of my bedroom, next to the door there are my favorite equipments. It's full with one set of television and playstation. Beside the equipment, there is a small wardrobe that contains my clothes, books, and other tools to study. I put all my necessary equipment in that small wardrobe. Above the wardrobe, I hung a kaligrafi picture on the wall. Next to the wardrobe there is a small bed that very comfortable for me to sleep. At night, my bed feel very cold. In the corner of my bedroom, there is a window and the sun light in the morning can through into my bedroom. Next to the left wall, I hung a clock, calendar, and a small photo of my friends. And the last there is a big cupboard that full of my family's possesion. All these things make me feel warm and comfort everytime. It's a best room in my home.


My flat I live in an old flat in London. It's small but comfortable. It has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, of course. In my bedroom, there is a big window, a desk, an armchair and my bed, naturally! In the living room, there is a carpet and I have a small table, a television, a lamp and a sofa. In the kitchen, there is the sink, the fridge, the oven and a cupboard. I don't have a microwave oven. I like my flat very much!". Suerte y que aprendas inglés rápidamente.

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