Bonjour je dois faire l'ex 2 qui peut bien m'aider?Merci beaucoup pour votre aide

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bonjour ! 2- ) yes, she was studying 3) what time did the post arrive this morning ?    It came when I was having breakfast 4) No, she didn't go to work. She was ill  5)  How fast were you driving when the police stopped you ?   I'm not sure but I wasn't driving very fast 6) Did your team win the football match yesterday ?     The weather was very bad , so we didn't play 7) How did you break the window?     We were playing playing football. I kicked the ball and it hit the window 8) Did you see Jenny last night ?     Yes, she was wearing a very nice jacket 9) What did you do at 2 o'clock this morning ?    I was asleep 10) I lost my keys last night.       How did you get into your room ?       I climbed in through the window bonne journée

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