bonjour svp aidez moi jhe suis nulle en anglais et j'ai un devoir à rendre pour demain : ça consiste à écrire un dialogue entre un marchand et un client en anglais    svp aidez moi c'est très urgent et je suis très en retard  merci d'avance

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Utilise des formules telles que : How does it cost ? ( combien ça coûte ) énumère des aliments ou des objets ( cela dépend du type de marchand ) ect ....


Customer: Hello, I'm interested in the black leather sofa is in the window there. Seller: Yes, it is a model that we have just received and is being done in other colors if you prefer. This is a sofa that is not fragile and you can easily maintain. C: It's comfortable? s: Very comfortable. Try it, you'll see. C: Yes, it's true! It is really good. There are still queleque thing that bothers me is the price, 3 000 euros! s: You know, this is a sofa that you will keep for years! C: Yes, you're right ... s: I assure you, this is a purchase you will be happy and you will not regret! C: It pleases me very much, I'll take it. I could be delivered quickly? s: By the end of next week, I think. But you will see it with my colleague. You see the office where he is the man in blue out there, go for it! C: Thank you!

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