Bonjour ! Voila je dois faire un texte sur mes vacance en anglais au preterit mais je ne suis pas sur de ma grammaire svp possible que qeulqu un me corrige merci My Cristmas'HolidayDuring the Christmas' holiday, i didn't travel.I stayed in Réunion.My father was gone in France to made visit my grandfather beacause for he is sick.On Christmas Eve, I drank Champagne, I ate some turkey, some snail and many other things. Finally the 31st of December, I did it in my familly,with my mother and my brother.Almost every day after the celebration,I went to my handball training.I was having fun all days of my Cristmas'holiday!

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Bonjour, quelques phrases peuvent être mieux tourner mais tu ne demandes que des corrections grammaticales donc je ne ferais que ça : I didn't travel -> I haven't worked  My father was gone -> My father went  To made visit TO my grand father BECAUSE he is sick. Some snails. Finaly, i did the 31st of Decembre with my family : my mother and my brother.  Et, c'est Christmas's*  Bonne journée 

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