Salut En faite j'ai juste besoin d'une correction d'orthographes et tout . Merci Name /First name : Lyna Lol Name of the establishment: university of Oxford addressee : Oxford , United-kingdom Address : 2 Rue de la Liberté, 93526 Saint-Denis , Paris Phone number : 075842586 E-mail : [email protected] Done at Paris in Febuary 01th , 2016 Object : Request for entry to university of Oxford ( Madam, Sir ) , I learned about the cooperation of your university with the programm Eramus and it's the reason that makes me written this letter . My name is Lyna and I'm twenty years old . I awared my baccalaureate in 2017 with 17 and now I'm a student in University of Paris 8 for two years . I want to integrate this university for a lot of reasons . I know that it's a very reputed university ,classified first in united kingdom , so it's a honor for me to be part of your students . Be in this university will really rise my chances to have a good futur with a good job . I know that many celebrities were in like Albert Einstein . I'm telling that because I also love matematics and I'm a fun of him , my dream is to be a Mathematician so I Feel that integrating this university would achieve my dream . I'm Conscious about the work that i have to do to make it to the top and i accept that . I promise that i will do all my best and i won't dissapoint you . I'm a hard-working girl who loves studying . Thanks you in advance for the attention that you are giving in the study of my case and I'm in your disposition in any mantenance which you would consider useful for the finalization of my admission Please accept madam , sir my sincere best regards (je ne sais pas si ca se dit je voulais dire Veuillez agréer madame monsieur mes sinceres salutations distinguées)

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