Język angielski

1.Write negative sentences as in example: 1.Thw cat /not /drink milk. 2.The children /not /do /their homework. 3I /not /listen /to the radio now. 4. You/ not/ watch/ T.V.now. 5.She /not / work/ in the garden now. 2.Write sentences as in the example. 1.She/ watch T.V. 2.They / come / out of the house. 3.Mary/ write/ a letter? 4. The boys/ run/ to school. 5. Mother / make/ a cake. 6.The girls/ sit/ in the living room? 7.We/ not/ go/ to the cinema. 8.Tom and Jane/ sing/ a song? 9.My brother/ not/ listen/ to the radio? 10.They/ clean/ the house? 11.Jim/ ride/ a bicycle.

(1) Odpowiedź

1.the cat doesn't drink milk 2. the children don't do  their homework 3. i don't listen to the radio 4. you dont watch tv now 5. she doesn't work in the garden now  _1. she doesnt watching tv  2. they don;t come out of the house 3. Is mary writing a letter  4. the boys are running to school  5. mother is making a cake  6. is the sitting in the living room 7. we don't go to the cinema 8. is tom and jane sining a song 9. do my brother listen to the radio 10. are they cleaning the house 11. jim is ridding a bicycle 

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