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20 zdań w załączniku, potrzebuję na już ! ! ! 

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I like buying clothes.   What kind of shops do you hate the most?   I prefer local shops to store because I have a better contact with shop assistants.   What's the best reason to buy something?   I don't agree that the price is connected with the quality of product.   Buying online is more popular because it is easier and faster.   What's your opinion about catalog marketing and telephone selling?   I bought a lovely dress during last sales.   Let's go shopping this weekend.   You can buy some souvenirs in "Souvenirs shop".   I can help you to buy a present for your girlfriend.   What kind of advertisement is the best way for encourage people?   I want to buy a medium- sized shirt.   How much does it cost and what about the way of paying?   When is the last day to return this product?   Do you know where is the best photographic shop?   I want to complain because this product doesn't work.   I don't agree to buy a furniture by credit card because it is the most expensive way.   The first point is the limit of money. The second- we must use it at least one time in the month. The next bad side is we can't pay by credit card in some kinds of shops.  

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