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Czy mógłby ktoś poprawić ewentualne błędy? :) For many of you – students, days spent in school are the best and the happiest days of our life. We make lots of friends, sometimes even best friends. Of course we can not forgot about the best holidays of our life. Everyone will admit that, but anyway we still would say: I hate school. I had an opportunity to interview few students. Vincent says that he loves school, and has great friends. He has never had problems with studying, but he had one huge problem from the beginning. Vincent admits that sometimes he had to act someone else to remain the part of ‘gang’. I have meet Katja who has just passed her final exams. She says that school life was a very enriching experience for her, and she does not regret any second spent in school. As we can see, life in school is difficult. Teenagers have to deal with peer pressure, but they still admit they like spending time with their classmates. Of course there is the other side of the coin – lessons. I can’t say students love learning, but as they say: they has come to terms with this. School is the nursery of life. Young people learn honesty, discipline, respect and the most important - how to deal with problems. They meet their best friends or even loves of their life, but students also learn to become one day an educated, conscious and modest persons. It does not sound that bad, does it?

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