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Napisz list po angielskuu z wakacji do rodziców.Opisz w nim twoich 2 nowych przyjaciół.

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Hi mom and dad! My holidays is amazing! I'm in the English Camp i Grate Britain. Weather is great- sun is shining and is warm. Everyone is kind and friendly. Yesterday I visited Tower of London and Museum Madame Maxime. Of course I saw Tower Bridge and Big Ben. At the next holidays we must go to London. I met two new friends. They are very nice. First is boy and second is girl. The boy's name is Andy. He has got black hair and blue eyes. He likes metal and rock music. He has piercings in his mouth. The girl's name is Alice. Her hair is long, blond and wavy. She has got beautiful, green eyes. I very like them. Can I invite Andy and Alice, when I come back to home? Love (Twoje imię)

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