Complete as frases com o comparativo de superioridade 1- (delicious) the cake is ____________________ the pie 2- (salty) the meat is __________ the fish 3- (long) the dress is ________ the skirt 4- (big) the library is________ the office 5- (easy) biology is _____________ history 6- (difficult) geography is ______________ arts 7- (interesting) the film is ______ the loap opera

(2) Respostas

1. The Cake is deliciouser than the pie. 2. The meat is saltier than the fish. 3. The dress is longer than the skirt. 4. The library is bigger than the office. 5. The biology is easer than the history. 6. The geography is more difficult than the arts. 7. The film is more interesting than the loap opera.

Conta apagada

1: more delicious than  2: saltier than  3: longer than 4: bigger than  5: easier than  6: more difficult than  7: more interesting than 

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