ME AJUDEM POR FAVOR Put the words in order to make questions.Then write the answers.You can check your answers on 20 of the Student's Book 1-Anne frank/during/was/the second world war/where? ____________in______ 2-Tim berners-Lee's/what/job/was? ____________He______ 3-family/Anne frank/and/who/of/were/her/afraid? ____________They____ 4-was/columbus/1492/where/in? ____________In_______ 5-the/what/of/Tim Berners-Lee's/name/was/invention? ____________The_____

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1. Where Anne Frank was during the Second War? Anne Frank was hidden in the attic with her family 2. What was Tim Berner-Lee job? Tim Berner-Lee jobs were inventor, professor, researcher, public speaker, and computer scientist. 3. Anne Frank and her family where afraid of who? Anne Frank and her family were afraid of the nazis of the II War 4. Where Columbus was in 1492? In 1942, Columbus was lefting Spain in the Santa Maria with the Pinta and the Niña caravels 5. What was the name of Tim Berners-Lee's invention?  The name of his invention is the World Wide Web.

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