Um texto que apresenta verbos irregulares no passado? prioridade

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Já fica como treinamento: My last job wasn’t very challenging and  I ____ (know) that I wanted to make a change. One day I _____ (come) home from work and ____ (sit) down on the couch.  As I was watching TV, the phone ____(ring). It was my friend, John. He _____ (tell) me about his new position at a company in Mexico. John  ____ (tell) me that the company was hiring and that he ____ (think) I might be interested in working for the company.  I ____ (say) that I was interested, and he ____ (tell) me he ____ (will) talk to one of the recruiters about me.A week later, a recruiter called me and we ______ (set up) a phone interview. The phone interview ____ (go) well, and the recruiter ____ (tell) me that the next step was a face-to-face interview in Mexico.My employer ____ (let) me take vacation and I _____ (buy) a round-trip ticket to Mexico City. I _______ (choose) to take a flight with a long layover in Lima, Peru. I ______ (take) advantage of the situation and I _____ (leave) the airport and _____ (see) some of the city. I ______ (go) to a traditional Peruvian restaurant where I ______ (eat)  a great meal and _____ (drink) a delicious pisco sour.When I finally ____ (get) to Mexico, I was exhausted. I _____ (find) my hotel and _____ (pay) for the room. I was so exhausted that I _____ (sleep) for almost 11 hours.The next morning, I _____ (wake up),  ____ (have) breakfast, and _____ (read) the paper. After that,  I _____ (speak) to one of the company’s recruiters and they _____ (send) a taxi for me.I _____ (get) to the office at 9 AM. The receptionist ____ (meet) me in the lobby and ____ (lead) me to the conference room. She _____ (bring) me a cup of coffee and ____ (say) that the recruiter _____(will) be right with me. I _____ (feel) a bit nervous, but I _____ (know) I had the right profile for the job. Fortunately, the interview ____ (go) very well.After the interview, the recruiter ______ (say) the company wanted to hire me. They _____ (make) me an offer and I _____ (take) it.  I ____ (go) home and started making preparations. I ____ (quit) my job, ____(sell) my car and ____ (say) goodbye to my friends and family. A month later I arrived in Mexico to start my new job.

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