Am nevoie de o poveste in engleza cu tema cea mai norocoasa zi din viata mea

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As putea sa iti dau eu o idee.. dar nu stiu daca pot sa o fac si in engleza.. Ai putea sa scrii ca ai fost intr-o vacanta ( holiday ) si a fost foarte frumos ( nice ).. ai vizitat muzee ( museums ) si temple ( temples ).. te-ai catarat pe Acropolis ( climbed up to the Acropolis.. )  Atat .. mai dezvolta tu..


the luckiest day of my life started in a cloudy day. I was in the sixth grade. At first i thought it would be the worst day of my life because i've lost the bus.At first hour we had a math inspection and the teacher said that if we are gonna be late will receive a three. it was 7: 55 when i decided to walk on foot. Usually it takes me 45 minutes to arrive at school. On my way i saw on the ground a small envelope. I pick it up and i open it. Inside was a 5 million bill. I've looked around to see if anyone has droped it, but nobody was around. So i've took it. I finally arrived at school but i found out that the inspection was cancelled. What a luck! That day passed normally till i went to do some shopping to the new open store. When i opened the door an alarm started and an employee shaked my hand and told me that i am the 1000'th customer and i receive as a gift an i phone 4s. When i came home i've met with my father that recently came from America and i've told him all the good things that happen in that day. It was an amazing one!

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