cine imi face si mie propozitii in engleza cu urmatoarele cuvinte( dar sa nu fie foarte scurte) : 1.stream,2.waterfall,3.although,4.a ted stunned=putin ametiti,5.coaxed,6.wooden,7.bridge,8.held,9.his breath,10.fill=a umple,

(1) Răspunsuri

1. He walked to the stream and drank some water. 2. The waterfall gives tourists an extremely beautiful view. 3. I'm getting good at this, even though I might miss sometimes. 4. After having a good fight, they are both a ted stunned. 5. Due to the persuasion, he was coaxed to go with her. 6-7. He was walking on the wooden bridge and fell through in the cold water. 8-9. This guy is amazing because he really held his breath for a whole minute! 10. I have to go fill his cup with juice!

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