compunere in engleza cu mos craciun

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Santa Craciun.O small part of a fairytale world of childhood which meant mea.O world that would not want to ever forget that I want to keep it for ever in the soul and heart mea.O world of childhood imagination, the stories immortal dragons, fairies, with nights spent thinking about the gift brought from Mosul.Nu received many, but I thought that Santa did not forget about me this year and did not forget to come and in my evening ajun.Imi sorry this beautiful years go on all day and become more intolerant, worse with the passage timpului.Nu I want to be like that, but ... I have no power to change that! Anyway, the beautiful remains, and, for me Santa Claus exists!


Dear Santa, I wrote you for fulfill all my wishes.On the first wish on my list is a smartphone. If you can't bring me thet i want a red bike or a pair of ice skates. Thanks you Santa for all!! 

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