Dau COROANA PRIMULUI! Complete the sentences with the appropriate form of the verbs in brackets. 1.- They _________ (write) their exams yesterday. 2.- They _________ (start) building their new house 18 months ago. 3.- I ________ (meet) the company manager two weeks ago. 4.- I ________ (be born) in 1964. 5.- That was the best concert I _____ ever _______ (see). 6.- I __________ (not eat) anything since breakfast. 7.- I _________ (study) English for 10 years. 8.- You ___________ (change) your address recently. 9.- When I was 15 I _________ (go) to Dublin. 10.- My students _________ (raise) a lot of money for charity. 11.- We _________ (not go) to the cinema last night. 12.- My uncle ________ (arrive) in Lisbon last night but he _________ (not call) 13.- We _________ (not see) Pedro Almodovar’s new film yet. 14.- _________ (you go) abroad this year? 15.- The shop is probably closed because they _______ (go) for lunch. 16.- When I ______ (be) at school I ______ (not like) Maths. 17.- What’s the matter with your brother? He ________ (lose) his mobile. 18.- Mark Spitz ________(win) seven Olympic gold medals in 1972. 19.- Why are you crying? Because I _______ (cut) my finger. 20.- When Mary was young she _______ (love) skiing. 21.- There _______ (be) a lot of accidents last year, and there _________ (be) a lot this year, too. 22.- My students __________ (not study) hard last term, but they ______ (study) hard this term. 23.- When my niece ______ (be) at school, she ________ (play) in a handball team. 24.- After I _____ (leave) school, I ______ (take) a job on the library. 25.- I’m afraid the last train ________ (leave) an hour ago. 26.- Thank you for your offer but I _________ (decide) not to accept. 27.- Yesterday I __________ (lose) my wallet. 28.- We ________ (not speak) to your sister for a long time. 29.- When we ________ (reach) the cinema, there _______ (not be) any tickets left. 30.- Take your umbrella with you. It ________ (start) raining.

(1) Răspunsuri

wrote.started.met.was.have ever seen.have not eaten.studied.changed.went.raised.did not go.arrived,did not call.have not seen.did you go abroad.went.was,did not like.lost.won.cut.loved.were.did not study,studied.was,played.left,took.left.decided.lost.have not spoken.reached,were not.is going to start.

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