Make questions and answers with How long? an the present perfect continous   1. you\try\to phone me? (half an hour)    2.the chicken\cook\in the oven? ( about twenty minutes )   3.Carl Schmidt\play football\for brazil?(start of the season)   4. he\clean his motorbike  (two hours)   5.you\wait to see the doctor? ( nine o`clock)   6.you sister\live in Florida? (Over a a year) Example: A: How long have  you been trying to phone me? B: I`ve been trying to phone you for half an hour P.S: Va rog ajutatima..Intrebarea are 54 de puncte

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2. how long to cook chicken kept in the oven? chicken kept in oven about twenty minutes. 3.Carl Schmidt play football for Brazil. Carl Schmidt play football for stars of the season. 4. how long clean bike? he clean his bike in two hours. 5.Way four the doctor? Will see you at nine. 6.You sister liver in Florida? He liver in Florida more than a year. sper sa-ti fie de folos

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