Va rog frumos cine imi poate face o scrisoare in engleza despre: sunt in strainatate si fac scoala acolo si scriu catre o persoana draga mie(de preferabil un prieten).

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For my best friend. You know, I am in Paris. It is a wonderful town with special items, a fascinanty history and incredible person... It is a true pleasure to go in rides after hours of study from here and to listen  small chiriping birds, symphonies of each corner of the street. I scour every day in this picture of Picaso, with all have deep fragrance of this area....I walk, walk but pierce my loneliness and  I see all of this can't be a person, a FRIEND and no one who likes air or hun of bees, so I want to say YOU, my friend, you are above than all of studies from SORBONA, Eiffel Tower and so on... I wait for see you and spend time together for we regain happiness. :) Sper ca iti este de folos... :) eu am compus tot acum...he he :))

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